Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Post tonsilectomy eats

I've been keeping track of my food and liquid intake since getting my tonsils and lower part of my uvula out monday morning. Doing this at the request of a doctor, so I am being very specific. only the cool liquids are currently not making throat pain worse. And i have found drinking plenty of ice water reduces the pain. So I'm consistantly drinking sips of iced or cooled water or chewing ice chips throughout my day and night whenever I'm not sleeping or typing. Some of the results have been tasty and I may post some specific recipes as I get them perfected. My main concern has been how to get enough protein and not overload on sugar while primarily eating liquid and soft cool foods. Suggestions are welcome! In the mean time, here's the list:

Monday sept 13th - (between noon and 11:30PM)
20 oz water * 4
20 oz ice chips * 2
8 oz beef broth
8 oz lactaid
8 oz vanilla nonfat sugsar free yogurt
8 oz lowfat strawberry yoplait
1 berry popsicle
10 oz creamy potatoe soup broth
8 oz apple juice
8 oz grape juice

Tuesday Sept 14th -
Early AM:
20 oz water
8 oz lowfat strawberry yoplait
20 oz ice chip
8 oz apple juice (mixed with water gradually)
20 oz water
20 oz ice chips
8 oz lowfat peach yogurt
8 oz apple sauce
16 oz creamy sweet potatoe broth
16 oz freshly juiced apple, celery and pear
20 oz ice water
20 oz ice water
4 oz nonfat sugar free yogurt + 4 oz coconut milk + 3/4 scoop whey protein
4 oz creamy sweet potatoe broth + 4 oz apple/pear/celery juice + 2 teaspoons cinnamon
40 oz water
16 oz ice chips
2 servings instant mashed tatoes extra creamy
8 oz lowfat milk
20 oz water
4 oz greek yogurt (plain, lowfat, low sugar)
1 tblspn berry antioxidents
1 tblspn honey
2nd Dinner:
1 cup blended, cooked black beans
with 1 tablespoon chedderella
20 oz water * 3
4 oz vanilla gelato
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