Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recipe Book?

I've been thinking it might be a good idea to print out some of my favorite recipes so that they're easy to find, and people who cook for me don't have to think through what needs to be altered in a recipe so that I can eat it. I've gotten to the point that I can replace eggs in just about any recipe on the fly in a variety of ways. But not everyone who wants to prepare a meal for me is able to do that. Having recipes written down that are delicious and "Sean friendly" might be helpful when my Mom says "What can't you eat" I could say, and here's a few things we can make for you to try while I visit. Plus Mom enjoys when I cook, so I can bring it with me to cook from, or maybe leave her a copy of her own.

 The other day I was feeling better (I've had some nasty stomach bug that's lasting FOREVER) but I had a couple days off from it (apparently common with this bug) and while I was feeling just so/so and not horrific, we made a trip to see one of my doctors, and then on the way home we stopped in at the new Goodwill down on Baseline and 19th Ave. I got three 8x10" picture frames for about $4 to frame my altered photographs for the upcoming art show at The Firehouse, and this awesome book about writing recipes for just $1.99! This makes me feel like I could write a recipe book that is truly useful to others, at least in my extended family, if not outside that small circle.

Then today, as if receiving a sign that this was a doable project I should actually take on, I ran into this site where one can upload and print their own recipe book for just a few dollars. I think I'll read the book I got at Goodwill (shown above) and then work on creating a recipe book I can print out. Maybe I'll make one for my kitchen, one for my mom's.

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