Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cornbread Muffins with Local Toppings

Patch made a Pamela's Products mix of gluten free cornbread muffins the other day. They turned out to be a great texture, but not as much flavor as I was expecting.  They're great with toppings.

So far we've tried both Cactus Jelly by the Cactus Candy Company, and local honey from the Fruit and Bread Basket store down the street. I love prickly pear anything, so the jelly is a big hit and great on the cornbread muffins. You can find versions of cactus jelly at lots of stores in the area. Whole Foods, or the little store we like to stop at on the way home are my two favorite places to find it. I'll take pictures next time we stop by the Fruit and Bread Basket or whatever it's called and I'll do an entry highlighting the place. Next time I'm there I plan on trying Orange Prickly Pear  Marmalade. Sounds delicious. But toppings like these are a bit more expensive and I tend to use them slowly over time, so for now it's local honey and cactus jelly.

The local honey comes in a variety of flavors. Mesquite, orange blossom, lemon blossom, etc. I like trying the various flavors so we have a few different kinds in the cupboard. I've found the lighter flavors go well with the cornbread muffins. The bonus of eating local honey is that it is said to help you develop resistance to local allergens. Handy! Maybe nature knows something we don't.


Lynn said...

I never thought of honey with corn muffins. Good idea. I really do prefer butter type products on muffins that are warm just out of the oven. Real comfort food!

Gary Murphy said...

The Orange Prickly Pear Marmalade sounds really good...please be sure to write about your experience with it when you get some. If I find some first, I will let you know how it is.

Sean-Michael said...

Lynn, Mmmmm yes honey is great on them! And these are great when reheated.

Gary, please do! I probably won't be buying new jam or jelly for a while... due to finances we try to spread out specialty items so you'll probably find some sooner than I do.