Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cajun Orange Pork Chops

I really love this Diabetes Family Friendly Cookbook magazine we picked up. The best recipe we had yet was the Cajun Orange Pork Chops. I can't wait to have it with some salad tomorrow as left overs. It was so good, I'd like to share the recipe with you, and you can find it here: thanks Patricia Harmon from Baden, Pennsylvania. So if you want to check out the magazine I think they're for sale online at and some of the recipes are there as well.

I was worried about trying this one because I'm not big on spices usually, but I've been trying out new recipes. Turns out, the Cajun Orange Pork Chops weren't that hot after all. Just a nice spice to go with the intense orange flavor. DEEEELICIOUS! The orange juice, marmalade and seasonings made a really great marinade. Who knew!?

It's really worth trying new things. Food can be delicious AND healthy. And the left overs are so much more awesome when it's home made.

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