Friday, May 4, 2012

Peppers are delicious

This week seems to be focused on peppers. Our Jalepeno plant finally flowered and started growing some Jalepenos! And the same day, I bought 6 banana pepper starter plants and transplanted them to the raised bed on the southwest side of our yard and fertilized them all with fish emulsion.

The next day, I found the fish smell was apparently too tempting for our dogs. I assumed it to have been the little chihuahua, but apparently it was the terrier mix, Pepper. Carlie had seen her doing it, but had just thought she was eating one of the cherry tomatoes and hadn't checked. Carlie is not really a tomato fan, so I guess it wasn't as distressing to her as it would have been to myself who has been caring for the plants, or Patch who LOVES tomatoes. However it was not a tomato she was eating, it was a pepper plant she was knocking over.

Glad I found it soon enough to rescue it! Now it's planted with the banana Peppers and they seem to be perking up for the most part. One lost all it's leaves, but the others seem to be doing OK. What a relief!

Finally, I planted some bell peppers and some Chinese hot peppers that have a bit of a bell shape with hot flesh and seeds, but also have sweet wings on the sides. Those should be interesting to try. I'm not much for hot peppers, but Patch and Carlie are, so I thought it would be fun to plant some. Besides the planting calendars all say it's a good time for peppers in our area, so hopefully we'll get some good results!

Recently I discovered a delicious way to use bell peppers. I sliced them into 4 scoop like portions, filled them with a mix of herbs and small lettuce leafs like arugula, and sprinkled them with almonds. YUM! And today I added heirloom tomatoes (the multi color kind) and smoked gouda, and put it all on a piece of sourdough. WOW! The flavors are amazing. It's a pepper kind of week!

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Jack V Sage said...

That sounds really gouda!