Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gluten-Free Gormet Pizza Delivery?!?! YES!

Since I am currently living on a set income due to my disability, I can't often eat out and when I do, I want it to taste good. I do however have a weakness for pizza. So I was especially excited to receive this coupon offer for Z Pizza, a pizza place you can probably find around you that makes gourmet pizza using great fresh ingredients, and it DELIVERS! I was so excited... but it turned out they do not deliver to my area.

Still, we were set on trying a gluten-free pizza and hoping it would be satisfying and delicious so that I can know that if I have to go gluten-free, I won't be losing out on the beloved doughy, cheesy goodness of a pizza. I hear there are other places in the area that cook gluten-free pizza as well, but this was a good one, so I'd eat at Z-pizza again. The crust was crispy around the edges from being cooked on hot bricks, and a bit more doughy otherwise. We tried the pesto sauce, mozzerela and parmesan cheese, with carmelized onions and red peppers. DELICIOUS! I would be happy to splurg on a pizza from there any time. Especially knowing that all the incrediants are organic. Being able to order Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or meat lover all from the same place is great too. The place was crazy busy and difficult to pick up the pizza from, so I would give the overall experience, taste, and joy of eating healthy ingrediants that taste like they're bad for you a 4 out 5!

I often feel a bit light headed while eating pizza, and doze off afterwards or feel very lethargic with an upset stomach. This time I didn't go into a "pizza coma" until I snacked on the bread sticks (not gluten free) I think next time we order pizza from z-pizza I'm going gluten-free all the way, see how I feel after a completely gluten-free pizza meal.

Here's a coupon if you want to try Z- Pizza yourself:


Lynn said...

Do you have Pizzeria Uno near you? They have a decent GF pizza here in New York but don't forget we have the best water and that is why everything is better in New York (half-kidding).

Sean-Michael said...

I don't know, but I will look it up, thank you!