Monday, March 12, 2012

Dinner by Teamwork

The problem with planning meals based on recipes in magazines or from health food sites is simple. They are not based on what is low cost and available locally.

The positive thing is, it gives us new ideas, encourages us to try new things and is really fun! Plus eating delicious healthy food is a good thing. Plus it gives us a chance to cook together or for each other. This one was dinner by teamwork. Patch took me to my favorite store where I bought the fruits, veggies and cherry preserves. Carlie bought the meat. Patch prepped the meal, and Carlie cooked it. Teamwork!

Tonight we had lamb rib chops with cherry sauce and salad. Patch and carlie had hash browns with theirs. I had cherry cider with mine which i like watered down 50/50 cuz otherwise its too strong.

It was delicious! And of course if you use terriaki sauce without gluten, it's gluten free, which is good for my gluten intolerant friends. I believe it was one of Rachel rays recipes and it us super easy. We just seasoned them with salt and pepper, mixed cherry preserves with terriaki and cooked them about a

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