Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What to do with eggplant but no eggplant lovers?

Today I did a search on the internet for recipes which will win over non eggplant lovers since no one in my household is particularly fond of them. They are usually expensive, so we don't bother buying them and forcing ourselves to try them. But this week we got 60 pounds of produce from Market on the Move for 10 dollars. Included were 4 or 5 large eggplants. So now we're trying out eggplant recipes for all sorts of stuff.

In my search I happened across this great food blog on which the author posts an eggplant recipe a week:, this article about eggplant recipes from,:, and later this week we'll try the Eggplant Papriksash from the Fat Free Vegan: I'll take pictures and be sure to let you know if it wins over my household, a group of non eggplant lovers, but who love eggplant. I think I'll also try her Eggplant Pesto and Rigatoni with Zucchini and Eggplants since the box also had plenty of zucchini, and I love Pesto but rarely eat it because it has so much oil.

In particular Carlie and I found this one interesting. Since we're the ones home right now, we thought we'd be trying it tonight with some slight alterations based on what we happened to have in the pantry. But it turned out to take an hour and we weren't willing to wait. Quick and easy eggplant parm it is: We used milk instead of egg because of my egg allergy, and sliced them slightly thinner which made them a bit crispier which I particularly liked. It's the texture of eggplant that I usually have a hard time with. I'll take pictures and post how we like it, but in the mean time check out this awesome blog entry:

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Anonymous said...

I make "Easiest Eggplant" and then throw them in the freezer. They are great for panini, or adding sauce/cheese for eggplant parm. Yum!