Sunday, March 11, 2012

Veggie Lunch Take 2 - Even more delicious!

Got home from the mobile gardening party exhausted and happy. Hated to leave early, but I need to rest, eat good food, make sure I'm well hydrated because I've been invited onto the Laveen Reservation for a sweat. I've never done it before, but I was told to make sure I'm well hydrated and healthy if I'm going to do this. It's meant to be a healing and grounding sweat before Big Mike takes me to see the part of South Mountain that the city of Phoenix wants to put a freeway through despite the local indigenous people having voted no on the project. His wife Antonia contacted me to see if I am willing to help make a video of the area so that people will better understand what is happening right here in Laveen.

But back to the deliciousness!

If you want to make an amazing vegetarian sandwhich for lunch, I recommend the following. Start with your favorite white french bread. Toast it, and then drizzle with your favorite balsamic vinegar.  Then add 1 large leaf of lettuce, 3 slices bell pepper, 1 slice of heirloom tomato, 3 more slices of bell pepper, 2 thin slices of quality Jack cheese. We tend to stick to quality cheese and eat less of it whenever possible. It ends up being about the same cost in the end if you don't eat too much of it, and it helps the pounds strip off my gut to avoid over eating cheese. But it also adds protein to this meal. For healthy fat you might want to add some avacado. I've thought of blending some with some balsamic and spreading it on the bread. Maybe I'll give that a try tomorrow.

The produce and bread is from the Fruit and Bread Barn on Baseline near 24th St or so.  (One of these days I'll get their address down LOL) The cheese is form AJ's and the 100 year old balsamic was a gift from Carlie's sister. Organic fruits and veggies from the store are the next best thing from getting them from the CSA, local farmer's markets are even better, and fresh off the vine is divine. Can't wait to start harvesting from our backyard garden.

I tell, ya, IT WAS SO GOOD! I highly recommend you try making similar sandwiches. The parts of the pepper, lettuce and tomato that weren't edible went into our compost. Unfortunately we'd forgotten a head of lettuce was in the crisper so it had started to go bad. The worms will love it tho, and it will become compost to help our garden and those of our friends grow. Hopefully when I get my trike next week I will soon be able to bike down to the store and get supplies in smaller amounts and less frequently which would lead to less spoiled fruits and veggies. We will still have more to compost because the store sets aside any of their unsellable produce and I pick it up when I'm there. Whatever I can't plant, scavenge seeds from or otherwise use, goes into a compost bin to help nourish community gardens.

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