Monday, March 12, 2012

It's a start

The other day Carlie and I stopped by the Fruit and Bread Barn, and they gave us some empty fruit pallets which make some great starter boxes with a bit of ingenuity and working in the dirt, I'm looking forward to seeing plants start growing all over the place in Phoenix! To start with, we are working on raised beds at some friend's place on 1st Ave. We just call it the 1st Ave House.

Michael D. brought some compost soil, Tamara brought some recycling bins, and we brought the starter boxes. Tammy cut three bins apart I believe. One she cut the bottom off, and left the top so it became a composter. I don't have a photo of that right now, although I did take pictures with my nice camera, I haven't uploaded them yet. For now you can check out the 1sts Ave garden of past, present and future in this video where Mellow and John gave me a tour.

After some urban hiking around Phoenix (John walked and pushed my chair, thanks John!) where we picked up some trash, talked with locals, etc. We came back to the house and did some night gardening. Here's a starter box full of sweet corn kernels.

It's not yet a full garden, but it's a start!

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